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You don’t have to spend a lot of money to travel and experience a new far away place. There are many cities around the world that are very inexpensive as compared to our dollar. These places can be very touristy as well and the service can be amazing. Below are a compiled list of some of the best cheap destination, where you don’t have to break the bank to have a little fun and get out there.

Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires everything is inexpensive. Food, drinks, entertainment, and souvenirs are all available at very cheap prices. Souvenirs are typically open for negotiation on the price also. The currency in Beunos Aires is the Argentinian dollar. Every Argentinian dollar is equal to $.26 USD. That means that for ever $1 USD you spend here, you will get to spend $3 ARS (Argentinian dollar). As it is you could be staying on a budget with your own currency, but when compared with the conversion currency, you are getting a very good deal. You can get a good meal with a side, dessert, and drink for around $40 ARS. Entertainment like taking in a show can run up to $30 ARS.


The BGL (Bulgarian Dollar) is fairly comparable to the dollar; about $1.46 for ever $1 USD. Varna is considered expensive for Bulgarian standards, but extremely cheap for European standards. In the tourist parts of town, you can easily have a full meal for $3-4 USD. This is also a great backpacking place because youth hostels run 20 euro per night. Most of them are clean and friendly, though you will want to check them out ahead of time, as all places can vary. Nightclubs are also plentiful and a lot of fun. It’s the best way to enjoy your night in Varna. Most places do not have cover charges and drinks can be around $1-2.


Krakow is a small city in Poland, which caters to family and college student tourism. There are a nice amount of things to see and do and you can enjoy them all at little to no cost. Most museums and landmarks are free of charge. You can even see where much of Schindler’s List was filmed for no cost. Food can be inexpensive or pricey, depending on where you go. Some of the more fancier places, including restaurants in hotels can run up to 13 euros. And that’s if you consider that expensive. Most of the places to grab a bite will run you about $5 USD. Tourists can also stay around the city center for about 40 euros.


In Thailand the currency is the Baht (BHT). $1 USD is equivalent to $35 BHT. This place could very well be the cheapest destination for food and accommodations, which makes this a traveler’s paradise. Street vendors sell cart food for 5 – 10 Baht. Of course good restaurants will run you around 300 BHT. This includes all courses and drinks. Drinks in bars and clubs can run 2 – 3 BHT. Hotels are fairly priced. However, keep in mind that if you bring back a special guest (which is common in Bangkok) you will be charged an additional 500 BHT to your bill easily.


In Thailand everything is incredibly dirt cheap, compared to the rest of the world. Backpackers love coming to Hanoi because of its beautiful sites, like by the lake Ho Tay. The food is sensational and the prices are incredible. All you can eat chocolate buffets run 30,000 VND and drinks can go for 19,000 VND. Oh and did we mention that $1 USD is equal to 18,000 VND? An average dinner will set a person back $5 USD. Most food is really delicious and a nice change from the mundane food back home.

Rio de Janeiro

Every $1 is the equivalent of $2.2 BRD. And besides that everything in Brazil is cheap to begin with. Rio de Janeiro is a Christian’s mecca, a calling ground for the spiritually inclined. The city of Rio de Janeiro feeds off its tourist income. But don’t let the street peddlers fool you. Almost all prices are negotiable here and nothings really set in stone. If they become too pushy, walk away and they will adjust the price almost immediately to fit your needs. Just keep in mind that while the local goods are cheap, imported and more expensive electronic items are very expensive due to protective import duties. But the good news is all the tourist type items are yours for the taking. Beers on the beach run $3 BRD. Meals go for $5 BRD. The only thing you will really need to worry about is the entrance fees for clubs. For whatever reason the cover fees are very high and definitely not negotiable.


Most of the places to visit in Istanbul are free or only cost a couple of dollars. With the exception of the Turkish baths, which can set you back about $20, everything else is right there for you to enjoy at no cost to yourself. Buy Turkish Delight and Turkish Tea here. Both are very traditional items. And you will get the freshest and most authentic product here, versus at your home grocery store. Lunch time foods and dinners are almost embarrassingly cheap. But this is great for the world travelers who stop in for a few nights and want to enjoy themselves. And as for sleeping accommodations, these can vary. You will want to check ahead of time. Some places are cheap but turn out to be dumps. It’s all about what your standards are.


It is fairly known to many that India is a country that anyone can go to and not spend a dime. You can visit and spend less than $100 in a week of travel. Bangalore is no exception to this either. Currently $1 USD is equal to 51 Rupee (INR). If you are spending more than $2 for a meal you have overspent. This, however, leads to many tourists paying the entire cost of their meals as a tip. Mostly this is because people feel bad that the meal was so cheap to begin with, especially when most meals are prepared from scratch in restaurants. Most hotels run around 500 INR. That is roughly $13 USD. So get ready to watch the bank not break for once while you stay in Bangalore.


Croatia is by far one of the poorest countries in Europe. Unlike places like Paris and Milan, Dubrovnik has little business that can sustain the economy. Tourism is one of the major trades, yet even that doesn’t do the job. So when tourists come to stay they are greeted with open arms and warm caring service. Hotels and hostels go for around 500 kuna. That is $90 USD. You might be able to find cheaper, however these prices are higher simply because the city is in Europe and has to compete somehow. The food and drinks are much cheaper and you can find a good meal at local restaurants serving authentic local foods for under $10.


Lima is the capital of Peru and also the largest city. Lima is considered to be one of the best places to try authentic Peruvian cuisine. Being so close to the cold seas, the fish here is incredible. Since there is so much of it the price goes down, unlike in other areas where fish is usually a more expensive item. Ceviche is a delicious local fish that is acidic and served only until 5pm. This is so that the body has time to digest the acid in the stomach before going to bed. You can find this dish at most all restaurants and for a great price. Do not spend more than $10 – 20 for accommodations in Lima. There are a couple “nice” hotels, but for the bulk of travelers, the hostels are plentiful and do not charge much at all.


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